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Rest Says You Are Mom Enough

I sit here with the residual aches of inflamed knees and the wheezy, coughy, sneezy, finale of a cold. Last week my body said, “I’m done.”

It wasn’t the fact that it hurt to walk down the stairs or my throat was raw. No. The real drama was I had to rest. I don’t like to rest. Yes, I enjoy naps. I often feel too guilty to nap or read a book because I am not “Mom Enough” to rest.

The anti-rest movement is not limited to me: Mothers up early, folding laundry, exercising, making dinner, shuffling kids to three activities in a row, and crashing at too late at night. They get up to repeat the process the next day. I’m too exhausted to keep up with the Super Mom Joneses.

I’m sure this works for some. It’s not working for me. It’s not working for my kids. Since when did stress and activities become a status symbol? Since when is unscheduled family time so rare, or even weird? Do we have to plan everything like a cruise director? Do we need to have an entourage with us at every moment?

Rest reenergizes and Rest heals. More importantly, Rest forces us to listen. We don’t want to hear it when Rest says “Slow down.” “You need to focus on what’s important.” “You are too negative.” “Why don’t you enjoy what’s good?”

Maybe that’s why we choose not to rest because we don’t want to hear the harsh truth that we are not superhuman. We may have to downgrade from an off the rails  freight train to a car on cruise control.

It’s silly to wait until you are broken to rest. Take it from someone who is gluing herself back together with Krazy Glue.

8 thoughts on “Rest Says You Are Mom Enough

  1. Thank for this reminder!! I am right there with you. I so long to bring some rest into my life. Struggling between the “letting go” that I long to do and the feeling that I must keep my commitments in order to be an honorable and trustworthy person. Trying to work through this tension is part of why I started to blog. A little ironic that I just added another time commitment, but the fact that is is enjoyable and therapeutic puts blogging in another category.

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