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Leftover Legacy

I love entertaining. I love cooking. My husband and I entertained twice  over Mother’s Day weekend. Our fridge was overstocked because we overbought, overcooked, and overthought. Instead of enjoying the ultimate hostess gift of leftovers, I saw our fridge as a holding tank for future garbage disposal cuisine.

I needed some reinforcements. I asked the Fabulous and Fit Mamas to help me create frugal, yummy leftovers. With the summer gatherings approaching, let’s turn our picnic and BBQ leftovers into culinary legacies, not future garbage.

Leftover Legacy- A leftover recipe that may be so tasty, it will become a winning, leftover recipe that is frequently requested.

Here is the Leftover Legacy List: (I added links where applicable)

Did you plan to make coleslaw and potato salad but you ran out of time?

Carrots, Cabbage, Potatoes= Veggie Kugel. 


I must plug The New Yiddish Kitchen.

The New Yiddish Kitchen’s Veggie Kugel Recipe is featured in Paleo Magazine. Com

Short on Time?

Raw Veggie Plate=Roasted Vegetables- Mix olive oil, salt and pepper and roast with the appropriate heat and time for the vegetables

You want to create a meal from your left over veggies?

Raw Veggie Plate 2.0= Stir Fry or Veggie Pie 

I would use the leftover veggies to make a healthy stir-fry. You can also roast or steam the veggies and make some healthy crust-less quiche!

A mama recommends this Crust-less Zucchini Pie recipe from Skinny Taste.Com

Not interested in roasting, kugels, or pies, and you still want a complete meal?

Eggs and Veggie=Complete Meal

Many say anything leftover with a fried egg on top is really good! It turns it into a meal as opposed to a leftover side.

What about the cheese plate that you pinteresty arranged and nobody touched?

Cheese= Big Kid Grilled Cheese:

Throw leftover cheeses in a food processor with garlic, butter and a splash of white wine. It makes a mean grown-up grilled cheese!

My Mother-in-Law’s Bean  Salad and an unopened container of tomatoes…?

 Beans and Tomatoes=ChiliIMG_3332

1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2.Cut up the left over tomatoes, three garlic cloves, and a small onion (Onion and garlic powder is fine, a teaspoon of each will do. Add more if you desire.)

3. Heat up a skillet with some olive oil and add ground meat* and onions

4.Cook for two to five minutes and add tomatoes and garlic

5.Once meat is browned, drain the fat.

6. Add desired spices to the mixture.

7.Mix beans and meat mixture. Stir tomato sauce to the mixture, approximately 1/2-1 cup. Mix well.

8. Bake at 350 degrees  for 30 minutes.

*Instead of meat, add rice, quinoa, barely, etc.

I made too much pasta for my pasta salad.

Pasta= Turkey Bacon, Peas, and Mushrooms 


Grab a pan and get moving!

1.Add  diced turkey bacon in a preheated pan.

2.Cook mushrooms in the bacon drippings and a touch of olive oil.

3. Add microwaved peas and the diced turkey bacon.

4.Cook the mixture together with a little garlic powder and onion powder.

5.Cook up some whole-wheat rotini and put the mushroom mixture over it.

6. Add a touch more olive oil. Mix together and dust with Parmesan cheese.


If you are still not sure about what to do with your left overs have an epic leftover party. That’s another way to ensure a Fabulous and Fit Legacy! Don’t forget, everything pairs well with your drink of choice!

What did you think of this recipe post? I am thinking about adding recipes to the Fab and Fit Mix.













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