Weekend Coffee Share

Caffeine and Sweaty Hair

It’s another dreary Saturday. So, many reasons why we should say inside and have coffee and my gluten-free, sugar free pancakes like we had decided last week. Let’s go out instead. Let’s meet at that coffee joint called Caffeine Pump  that’s inside the new gym in town. Let’s get motivated for a workout with double shots of espresso. What’s that? Post workout coffee? Yes, I love the huge, white, bigger-than-your -face -coffee cups! You know once we start talking we will never stop talking and people watching. Is it OK for me to bring my draft pad? Our conversations always inspire me to write. By the way, this gym is kind of a pick up joint. Not our usual scene but we need to get out of our comfort zone. No! I do not want to pick anyone up! Please, we are old and happily married. In case you haven’t noticed, I am not exactly at my best with sweat-soaked-hair. Don’t worry about that muscle guy at the juice bar! Married and sweaty is a perfect way ward off any unwanted company. I promise. This is our time to catch up and overdose on caffeine.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have not posted as the coach of the Fabulous and Fit Mamas for quite some time. I love to blog and connect but the Fab and Fit Mamas have not taken center screen. The A to Z Reflections Post and The Kindness Challenge directed me towards other ideas.

What are the FFM and I up to? Well, the sleepiness of winter is dwindling, which means  spring motivation is waking up, and the FFM’s are looking at the page more. Perhaps my posting style has become more appealing? It’s hard to run a fitness group when there is not a lot of feedback. I really do not expect any because people are busy. I get that. Still, I am not always sure that I am doing or saying the right thing.

We have a mud run planned in July and an Inflatable 5K in September. I hope the momentum keeps going and the FFM’s want to get out there and try these events. Also, I am contemplating holding Sunday Summer Trainings this year. I did that last year to get us ready for the Diva Dash.

Otherwise, I am grateful for the group. I will keep working towards engaging everyone but they have to meet me somewhere.

So, what is going on with you? What is motivating you these days? Or, are you not motivated? There is no right or wrong answer. You just have to be happy with your answer. If not, there is always tomorrow. I will be there with two cups of coffee, ready to listen.


14 thoughts on “Caffeine and Sweaty Hair

  1. Spent most of this last week with very little motivation. It was pathetic… Which made me feel worse. Somehow I pulled myself up by my shoelaces and figured it out tho 😂 I can’t think of many better things than caffeine and sweaty hair btw!

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      1. It’s a fun race and flat too! And they serve us lunch. Love local races. I am sure you can find one too in your area. Hopefully there will be no snow/hail/ice/thunder that happened during the marathon today.

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  2. I love your coffee catch ups! I always look forward to them. And your passion for fitness is inspiring. When I get swamped at work I find I lack the motivation to look after myself properly, so fitness posts can be such a good reminder to the rest of us to make the time, and to try new things … Mud run sounds like fun! 😀

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