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Hello, all my Fabulous and Fit Readers. My blog is now an Award Free, Challenge Free Blog. Right before and during the A to Z Challenge,  I was nominated for an award, or nominated to participate in a challenge. I am grateful and honored to be thought of by my fellow bloggers. However, my blogging time is very scarce. I blog while the baby naps. I cannot keep up with the awards/challenges in a timely fashion. However, I am all about spreading the blog love.  The talented bloggers on the list below nominated me for an award or challenge. Please check out these engaging blogs. I truly appreciate you all thinking of me.

raw honesty


Mother. Wife. Me



Space, Time, and Raspberries

2 thoughts on “Award Free Blog

  1. Thank you for the recognition. That’s not why I nominated you, but I think you already know that. 🙂 Since that day, I’ve given more thought than I anticipated to the whole blogging award and challenge topic, as you apparently already had. I’ve come to the same conclusion. I want to honor the person who thought enough of what I’ve done to honor me, but I will maintain an award-free blog. I think sometimes the challenges might be fun, so I’ll decide about participating on an individual basis — I just won’t pass them on. And now you’ve given me another group of blogs to investigate — the best possible way to spread the love!

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