A To Z Challenge 2016

Greetings from Xanadu

Coach’s spa trip to Xanadu is coming to an end. Xanadu is under the guise of an unassuming paradise. In the updated version of Samuel Coleridge’s dream there are endless green smoothies, early morning yoga, and afternoon hikes. I hope he does not take offense!

Just like Coleridge writes, limits exist even in paradise:  isolation,  limitation, contemplation, etc. The soothing air and still sea muffle our inner noise for only so long.

Similar  to Coleridge’s fragmented piece, perfection and happiness are fragmented. There is no constant flow to happy. That’s OK. That’s life.

It’s time for the sneakers to be laced up and the dumbbells to be dusted off and shinned. Pizza and wine are still a coveted past time. The Coffee IV is ready to drip. The Fab and Fit Mamas will soon take the stage. The next few posts will focus on the long journey home. More adventures are to come. The question remains, “How much will stay the same?”

“X” Draft 

4 thoughts on “Greetings from Xanadu

  1. As Benjamin Franklin said, (pretty sure it was him but I could be mistaken) “The only thing that stays the same is change.” Or something like that! lol

    Looking forward to your next adventures. 🙂

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