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Walter White’s Seduction

Walter White. Heisenberg. Hey, Dexter, you too. I did not include you in the title because today is W.

You gentleman (I use the term loosely) seduced me. You seduced my husband too. Yes, the seductions of Netflix binge watching. We would ponder, question, analyze, debate about what you would do next, and to whom.

We developed a voyeur’s blood lust. Everything else on television paled in comparison to the lugubrious plots you weaved. In fact, we had to take a break from you both because we liked your dark thoughts a little too much.

You are terrible people. Why do we root for you? Well, not so much for you Walter, after you broke bad. I put down my blue pom-poms when you did THAT. You know what your did. Jane. The plane crash. I shook my head. That was too much. You grew into a monster. Did you need to kill Mike too?

Dexter, you were broken by bad. You then broke the bad. Walter would be a victim of yours, I’m sure.   You took everyone down with you. Rita, Deb…..

If I heard of either one of you on the 5:00 news, I would be appalled, filled with rage and disgust.

Hollywood breathes humanity into monsters like you. Or, is it something more sinister? Is it an innate darkness that Netflix binge watching satisfies by watching these antiheroes? Who knows? I’m done with both of you. I am waiting for the next binge watching serpent to raise its Hollywood humanity contrived head. Until then, Walter you win. Just watch out for Dexter because he might do you in.

“W” Draft



8 thoughts on “Walter White’s Seduction

  1. I’ve been hearing about this show for years now, but I haven’t seen it. I really think I need to add it to my binge list! My husband and I are making our way through Sons of Anarchy at the moment. It’s so easy to get sucked into these shows. It’s a good think spring is here to get us away from the TV and outside again!

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      1. I love when I find these shows after the show has ended so I can watch from beginning to end. I just try not to think about the number of hours I’m wasting! Thank goodness for multitasking! 🙂

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  2. I resisted Breaking Bad through all its first-run years, regardless of stellar critiques and friends’ recommendations. I finally broke down to binge it on Netflix. Twice. Ready for a third viewing. But it’s not Walter’s actions that draw me in. I know he’s not a hero, but the character is so well developed, I understand why he did the things he did, his flaws, his fears — though I agree about Mike. All the characters were just as deep and complete. But the story telling drew me in and kept me coming back. It never went sideways. Its forward motion was relentless. It was tight, complex, without holes. A rare accomplishment in television.

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