A To Z Challenge 2016


Be careful of the quiet ones.

Why are you not talking?

You did what? I thought you were quiet?

I’m sorry but what do these quiet person judgments even mean?

Since when is quiet also boring, stupid, meek, or snobbish?

Listen up, Loud Mouth, the way NOT to get a quiet person to talk is to call them out in front of everyone, and shame him/her for being quiet. You are socially inept, not me!

Since you so asked so melodiously, Loud Mouth,  here are the possible Reasons Why I Am Quiet:

  1. Because I am.
  2. I don’t like you.
  3. I’m listening to what you have to say.
  4. I’m enjoying the conversation.
  5. I’m lost in my own head. It’s as loud as a freight train in there.
  6. I’m having a more interesting conversation with the voices in my head.
  7. Nobody asked me for my opinion. It’s not appropriate right now.
  8. I have nothing too add but a sympathetic nod or supportive smile. I don’t want to pretend  I know something  that I know nothing about.
  9. My mind is racing so fast that I am mentally checking off the points of our next conversation.
  10. Because I am. Yes, I said that already. You were talking so damn loud you didn’t hear me.

Now, what are you yelling about? The voices in my head are too busy discussing politics.

Be Quiet!

“Q” Draft

11 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. I totally identify with this. People have said the same exact thing to me for years and it is so true that the way NOT to get someone to talk is to call them out in front of everyone. Thank you for writing Quiet.

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