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At the end of all my A to Z blog posts is a picture of my draft. Maybe I should have entitled my theme as Michelle’s A to Z drafts? My drafting style has not changed since college: written draft, scribbled over-revision-draft, typed draft, edited typed draft, final-get-away-from-me draft!

I am not a spontaneous blogger. I am a primarily a planner-blogger. Periodically,  I write a piece on my computer, edit it, and publish it. That is scandalous and it only happens when I am overtired. When I am overtired, my ideas flow with the copious amounts of coffee in my veins!

Most of the time, I love my paper. Give me a hotel pad, napkin, scrap, or my beloved notepad and I am ready to write. Paper is the vessel that transports me to another planet , or time period.

A Jediesque thing happens to me when my pen hits the paper. The heavy objects I use daily suspend in the air. Loads of laundry, my crockpot, my car, becomes as light as a feather and circles in a symphonic orbit. I am comfortably anchored in the middle, engaged in my pad canvas.

Sometimes I imagine that candelabras and goblets of wine surround me. My pen turns into a feather and my yoga pants uniform transforms into a corseted creation.

The power of paper gives me the luxury of a creative pause that the click, click, click of a computer does not.

Do you prefer paper or computer? Are you a drafter or a one stop publisher? What’s the vessel that takes you to your writer dimension?

“P” Paper

15 thoughts on “Paper

  1. I’m a paper person too 🙂 I’ve tried to type drafts straight into the computer, and occasionally if I’m time-poor that’s how I’ll do it, but I tend to find it more convenient to just write up drafts in my trusty notebook. Scribbles and all …

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  2. I have read that the act of writing cursive engages more areas of the brain that typing cannot.

    I like both, paper and keyboard. I don’t draft on paper though. Paper is for journaling and whatnot. Blogging is digital so I use the keyboard for that. 🙂

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  3. Computer all the way. I love beautiful journals and the idea of writing in a journal is romantic, but it just doesn’t work for me. It’s frustrating to not have the space or ability to go back in and write more on an idea you previously wrote about in the same place. And my ideas come too fast for me to write down, so I lose them.

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