A To Z Challenge 2016

Overtired. Overwhelmed. Ocean.

I sit here about to begin. I have been up since 4:50 am. It’s 5:25 am. I have to leave for work in fifteen minutes. I will be home at 7:30 am. My oldest is on spring break. I will be home with the kids for the rest of a very long day. Exhaustion makes me crazy. It makes me weep. I planned to write about the ocean for O today. The ocean is not just a body of water. It’s a community of memories. Instead of writing about the ocean, I sit here thinking about my overwhelmed, over scheduled day. I fantasize about tonight when I can rest on the couch and watch television with my husband. No cartoons. No princesses. Maybe some foul language and inappropriate content on HBO or Showtime? Perhaps a glass of wine?

I slip into a reverie about collapsing on the couch at night. The couch morphs into a huge beach towel. The living room rug turns to sand and the television drowns out to the roaring waves. The celling lights merge into the glowing sun.

I imagine..

  • Seagulls waking me up at my grandparent’s bungalow
  • Frank Sinatra crooning on their radio
  • Waves rolling through my hair
  • A salty, post swim ice cream sandwich
  • The crunch of pebbles
  • The welcome chill of taking a second swim
  • Boardwalk
  • Seafood
  • Collecting shells with my daughter
  • Jumping the waves with my niece
  • My husband (with a smile on his face) telling me I am swimming out too far

It’s 5:40 am. My overwhelming, overtired day is about to begin. I smile because I have something to look forward to. Somehow being tired and overwhelmed is not so bad when the ocean is on my summer horizon.

“O” Draft

16 thoughts on “Overtired. Overwhelmed. Ocean.

  1. Overtired, overwhelmed….oh, I can relate to those! 🙂

    Your ‘ I imagine…’ list in this post spoke to me. Being by the Ocean (or in my case by the sea since I live in Europe nowhere near an ocean) is my favourite place to be. I’ve always been drawn to the sea; it’s so soothing and also something about looking out into the endless horizon has a way of putting life in perspective I find.

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  2. I hope you got some rest, and some little bit of ocean to comfort you! Maybe some seashells to look at and touch, a bit of sand to run your fingers through. And lots and lots of delicious sleep. 🙂

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