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“Likes”.  Facebook “Likes”. Facebook “Likes” are a lot different from blogger “Likes”. Most bloggers take the time to read, reflect, and comment on pieces. Most Facebook “Likes” are  a “Yeah, uh-huh”, as we mindlessly scroll through “the feed”. Yes, there are exceptions. There always are exceptions. This blog post is not about the exceptions. My blood-lust-Facebook-“Like”-angst comes from “Opinion Likes”:

“Please tell me what you think…” “Like”

“How do you feel about”… “Like”

“Who agrees?” “Like”

OK. What does a “Like” opinion even mean?





I can’t read.

The sky is falling.

Truthfully, it means the serial liker filled his/her “Like” quota for the day.

Opinions are too often expressed through ambiguous “Likes”. “Likes “ have sucked the life out of thought. The option to “Like” has squashed any chance of intellectual sparring, conversation, or a simple “Yes” or “No”.

No, I don’t “Like” that at all.

“L” Draft

12 thoughts on ““Likes”

  1. I think many of those non-responsive FB Likes only acknowledge that they saw a friend’s post. They might even have read it and approved of the question being asked or the thoughts expressed, but maybe had no thoughts to share or not enough time to share the opinions they had.

    I’ve had the opposite experience, too. A poster links a thought-provoking video, asks for commenters thoughts, even says “I’d love to talk with you about this,” and never responds to the comments.

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  2. I’m with you on this, Brooke. “Likes” have a place (for a photo post or maybe a status that doesn’t require feedback) but when you put a question out there for whoever is reading, a “like” doesn’t really cut it. It’s almost dismissive in a way.

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  3. Great post! In my opinion, FB “likes” are the non-verbal equivalent of “how are you?” where we ask the question but don’t really expect or even wait for a response. It’s more reflexive than anything.

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  4. I confess, and agree! I am guilty of the like-button thing – it’s so easy to tap, you’re pressed for time but want to give the person an acknowledgement that you’ve read their post, even if you have nothing real to add to it, comment-wise.

    At the same time you wish someone would say something, anything. I’m torn on the like-button. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I dislike it.

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