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Kitchen Morning

Scene I- Kitchen Morning


It’s 5:30 am. She is drinking her second cup of coffee out of her Reece’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cup Mug, A souvenir from last summer’s family vacation. She sits in her spot at the family’s long, farm kitchen table. The table has a wooden, modern distressed look. Layers of plastic tablecloths hide the table’s grandeur. It is topped with a seasonal, plastic tablecloth from the Christmas Tree Shop. The top layer is sprinkled with mail and homework. She frowns at the clutter. Like a daily affirmation, she reads the plaques on wall. One plaque hung in her grandparent’s kitchen: The more I am with you, The Harder it is to live without you. The other plaque she bought for her husband: I love you more than bacon. They live in a kosher home.

She peers into the early morning darkness and looks out of the windows that are adorned with her daughter’s artwork. The darkness stubbornly grips  on to the waking sky. She checks her Facebook page and WordPress stats. She slowly stands up to go to the basement for her morning workout. She knows her workout will revive her exhaustion.

It’s 7:30 am. The sky is letting go of the night and the morning sun fights through the lazy clouds. He comes downstairs in his office attire: pants, shirt, and his signature rolled up sleeves. He turns on the kitchen light and coffee pot. He thoughtfully places the mug next to the pot. He despises coffee. Coffee is his wife’s fuel. He opens the steel fridge and looks for his morning string cheese. He will have cereal at the office. He opens the freezer and takes out a frozen waffle. It’s his older daughter’s daily breakfast. His wife and daughter often bake homemade almond meal/coconut flour breakfast creations. Until the next batch, this will do. He hears his wife and daughter talking upstairs.

 He stacks clean plates on the counter and he looks at the black and white back splash. This is a nod to his wife’s obsession with the Alice In Wonderland/Mackenzie Child’s whimsy. The yellow walls his wife insisted on grow warmer with the rising sun. He shakes his head at the floral tablecloth and floral placemats. The décor screams that he is outnumbered.

His daughter prances into the kitchen and plops herself on the stool at the breakfast bar to finish up her last minute homework. He smears peanut butter on her cooling waffle. His wife’s worn out slipper UGG clopping  footsteps are behind him. He hopes her endorphins mask her caffeine-deprived state.

 They greet each other. She looks at the flashing lights on the baby monitor. She looks at him and declares, “The baby’s up.”


End Scene


This blog post is dedicated to my amazing husband, Jay.

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24 thoughts on “Kitchen Morning

  1. That was a lovely read. The scenes just kept forming in my mind as I read, except that there were no faces to the characters… Felt like I was reading a good book and was wondering what happens next in your day! Thanks for the peek into your life.

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