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Idiots. Sometimes it seems like idiots run the world. I define an idiot as an emotionally stunted person who speaks in narrow tongues.

The problem is we give idiots way too much credit. I admit it. I do. All it takes is for one idiot to say something rude and it haunts me for the rest of the day. I guess I am an idiot for allowing an idiot to get to me.

Idiots are like cockroaches. Smash one and a thousand more are lying in wait, shooting off their insipid opinions in our offices, play groups, coffee shops, and sadly, our homes. If only there were an Idiot Exterminator to stop the Idiot Epidemic. Only an idiot would take that job. Who else would want to deal with the infestation of babbling idiots?

“I” Draft

19 thoughts on “Idiots

  1. Hate it when idiotic words get to me too! An idiot exterminator is definitely needed. And an idiot spotter too…so we can avoid them whenever we can

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