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Good, Very Good Ramblings


Good. Very Good. What a boring adjective, adverb-adjective choice!  Right? I was a high school teacher in a former life. I would frown when my students described something as “good”. Instead I made a comment to encourage them to replace good with an unnaturally sounding teach-to-the-test SAT word like advantageous or auspicious. I understand that enhancing vocabulary is important, especially when JK, LOL, and THX invades our socially acceptable lexicon. Still, is good always bad? Is there a time and or place when good or very good is enough?

A professor once admonished me because I described a literary piece as “good”. He began his intellectual, shaming tirade on me with “What is good?”

I don’t remember the rest because I’m too old. The point was I should have provided a literary analysis that boiled down to subject+linking verb+complement= GOOD.

Speaking of intellectualism, let’s go to the core of good and very good.

In the Old Testament good and very good describe the creation of the world. The meaning of religious texts is infinitely questioned. However, no one ever takes out the red pen of judgment and complains that the author, authors, supreme creator (you get the point) should have provided a more powerful adjective, adjective-adverb combination to describe the beginning of time.

Good and Very Good are muted words. Perhaps elevated word play does not breathe life into an event if the event itself is a valuable teaching and/or learning experience?

Maybe that’s why good or very good is natural response. What’s natural is not always fancy or intricate. Just good. Very good.

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