A To Z Challenge 2016


Charlotte. My fears evaporated with you. Fear almost prevented me from you. You were born hungry and ready. I was ready for you. Hungry to be a mom of two.

I looked at you and “Let it go”. Frozen was a staple in our world.

Me. Inspired by the ice queen.

This time there was no wishing. Life just was.

Brooke embarked on her kindergarten journey: dance, Daisies, play dates, Oh, my!

You are my new appendage, my accomplice.

I am ready. I am waiting.

I chase you. I pick you up. I hug you.

You run. You laugh. You growl.

You want the world your way. You are not even two!

You stood up in your crib the other night and serenaded Grandma and I with a garbled version of β€œLet It Go.”

You. My C. My blessing. My ice queen-loving-firestorm. You were inspired too.

“C” Draft

12 thoughts on “Charlotte

    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the support and praise from such talented writers. My children bring these emotions to the surface. Charlotte has brought us such joy. I have to thank her!


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