Meet & Greet! Nominate Your Favs!

Please stop by Niki’s Meet and Greet. Spread the blog love and nominate a fellow blogger for all of his or her unique contribution to our community.

The Richness of a Simple Life

I’m so excited for this week’s meet and greet topic! I check out each and every blog that is in the comments section of my meet and greets. Given the amount of participants plus their suggestions, it can take me a while but I get to them. Sacha’s blog was recommended during my last meet and greet by Simon (thanks Simon!). He recommended this post which peaked my interest and I followed Sacha so I could come back to her blog at a later time and go back to my meet and greet to continue reading more blogs before I fell too far down the rabbit hole.

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3 thoughts on “Meet & Greet! Nominate Your Favs!

  1. Pandora’s Tacklebox: The Worst Romance Novel Ever Written in 26 Days by Megan Morgan is what it is and delivers with the gusto of a blockbuster action-comedy!
    Every overused sex metaphor from the trashy pulp novels that your grandmother read in the 50s to the slutty BDSM vampires of today, can be found in her first two paragraphs!
    It is a painful read … A side-splitting, teary-eyed pain from laughing so hard.
    If Megan’s “A” game is any indication of what the rest of the alphabet holds, this bad romance has the potential to be a monster hit!


    Give it a read, Dearie, your hero awaits!

    Sir Leprechaunrabbit

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