A To Z Challenge 2016

Prologue to Michelle’s Alphabet

My bags are packed. My sneakers and flip flops are tucked inside. My FFM Coach persona  is traveling to Xanadu’s virtual spa for a month of relaxing and reflecting during the A to Z Challenge.

My prologue was created in a hotel coffee shop.

Blogging is therapeutic. Blogging is connecting. Blogging is following.

My blogging journey is currently one dimensional. It’s difficult to define the niche of my blog because of my reluctance to reveal my multidimensional self.  Michelle’s Alphabet will do just that.

You will learn I am snarky, funny (I think I am), nostalgic, bitter, a thinker,  a mom,  a wife, and definitely a little nuts. Guess what? You may not like me. That’s OK. Hiding is worse. I have done that for too long. My first A to Z post discusses my refusal to hide.

My goal is to prove I am a writer. Yes, I love to “pick things up and put them down”.  My strength conquests are a powerful moment. On the other hand, my swirling thoughts relentlessly plague me, excite me, and motivate me to share.

A blogger, sharer, and (dare I say) writer are the roles I need to thoroughly explore.

Will my blog return to its FFM original style?

Has anyone returned from Xanadu unchanged?

Read My Alphabet. Read Me.






14 thoughts on “Prologue to Michelle’s Alphabet

  1. I’m excited for the A-Z challenge! I have yet to write anything down but I have a semi-plan for half of the letters. 😀 I’m even more excited to read fellow bloggers A-Z pieces, yours is definitely included. 🙂

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