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The Talent Blog Challenge

Thank you to B.G.or creating this thought-provoking challenge.I was nominated by Making Time For Me  for the Talent Blog Challenge. Please check out her blog. She is real and inspiring. I am grateful that she took an interest in my little blog!


This challenge is for five days. On each day, name a positive talent that you have and why it’s such a great thing! Also, let us know how you can use this talent to help other people! (Also can post once with 5 things if you only want to do for one day)
Tag whoever you want to participate! There is no minimum or maximum amount of people you need to tag! If you want, you can tag everyone!
Have fun and realize that you are talented.
Let BG know if you participate, she would like to see your answers.

I chose to write my five talents in one blog post. Time is scarce for me. I can only blog during my baby’s nap time. I got lucky this week because my husband is out with the guys tonight.  Also, I am knee deep in drafts for the A-to-Z Challenge. That is a marathon for the bloggy mind!  Still, the only way for me to become a better blogger to well, blog! Also, by blogging more, I am supporting my fellow bloggers by showing them blog love. Thanks again, Making Time For Me! 

This is a challenging writing prompt because we often focus on what we are NOT good at. We could write a tragedy about our misadventures and overthrows, right?  Yes, I went Shakespeare on you! Here are my “five acts” of talent.

I am rewriting the tragedy  (or a dark comedy) and focusing on feel good content.

  1. I am motivated. I have the ability to swing my legs out of bed in the morning and exercise. It’s my time to break bad and gear up for the day. I own it and I am proud of it.

    3:00 am is a little dramatic!

2. I am a great cook. Cooking does not scare me. I love trying new recipes and making them my own.  I get a shoe shopping like rush when a recipe turns out well! If it does not work out, I have an adorable take out menu holder. Plus it makes a funny story to tell at future dinner parties.


The recipe box is a decoration. The take out box is a necessity!

3. I cannot draw or sew. However, I am very creative. I have learned to work around my all thumbs drawing techniques and create things that are realistic. In a Pinterest world that is hard to do. I do search Pinterest and get inspired. But, I know my limits and what works for me. A few years ago, my daughter looked at her birthday party decorations and said, “I like that. Mommy did it.” Yes, she was two. Still, she appreciated my artistic attempt. My heart swelled with pride.

True Story!


4. I am not sure if I am talented but I love to write. When my pen hits the paper (I am a traditionalist)  something magical happens to me. My mind and fingers create a symphony of oozing thoughts. It’s  therapy. It’s love. I left writing behind for many years. I am happy to return. I used to sit at my very large computer desk in high school. Writing helped me cope through those wickedly awkward years. I guess that is my talent:  I  cope through writing.  No image is needed here!

5.  I am fearless in the kitchen and on the dance floor. I can dance. Yes, I can. I am not trained or anything, but I connect with the music and I am in my own world. The real talent is not my moves. I dance and I don’t give a you-know-what if anyone is watching. Now, if I could only extend that talent to other areas of my life!


I can’t do a split or cartwheel.

I nominate Seeking a Life Full of Laughter for the Talent Blog Challenge. She is physically and mentally strong. Check out her blog. Follow her journey.


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