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FFM Chore Confessions

The Fabulous and Fit Mama’s tagline is She gets it Done. Getting it ALL done makes a Fabulous and Fit Mama a rock star.  I am talking about the toughest, grittiest workouts of all: Chores! The FFM is a strong group of women.  They work, they volunteer, they bathe people, they feed people, they cook, they fold laundry, they rule the world, etc. The FFM’s don’t have time for nonsense. When they take the time to respond to my questions on our Facebook page, it makes me want to do victory burpees! After I finish my chores, of course!

Meal Prep

Here are the latest Chore confessions from the FFM:

Coach: I hate, despise, and abhor Food Shopping. My feelings towards grocery shopping are how many others feel about working out. If I don’t do it after drop off, I am not going to the food store. My family is not eating. Take out, baby! What chores do you hate doing? How do you make things easier for yourself?

Response 1: Laundry! I despise washing, folding and putting away Laundry!!!

About food shopping, have you tried to deliver it? I have been getting my groceries delivered for 3 years. Not only do you not have to go there but it helps you meal prep and budget. I’ with you, I hate food shopping too

‪Response 2: I hate doing laundry! It’s the most unrewarding, thankless chore.

‪But…there is one thing I hate more than doing laundry…seeing a full hamper.

Response 3: Ha ha! I just put a load in too

Response 4: Lol!

Response 5: Call me crazy but I like laundry. There’s something very rewarding about folding all the clean laundry and putting it away. I don’t mind food shopping. It’s getting the bags in the house and putting it away that I hate. You also know I hate cooking!

Response 6: I hate doing the dishes. As the primary cook in our house, I think I hate doing them on principle. Of course, that means I need to accept the dish washing timeline of others, which often requires more patience than I can muster.

Response 7: Lol I refuse to wash dishes!!! Dishwasher only

Living The Dream 

Response 8: Folding clothes, emptying the dryer and ironing


Response 9: love food shopping because it’s shopping!!!!!

Response 10: I hate cleaning…mostly bc it’s an uphill battle (just see my husbands post today ) and I must have ADD or something bc I never seem quite to fully complete it before I move onto some other inane project & then it’s time to pickup my son from school. Thank goodness for the cleaning lady otw the board of health would surely be knocking on my door. 😬


Response 11: Folding laundry!!! There aren’t strong enough words to describe how much I hate it…hence why we live out of the laundry basket half the time!

Response 12: Lately, I hate cooking dinner. Who likes what, who hates what, the negotiation of how many bites of veggies. I feel like I cook the same things and it’s so boring. Plus with a work schedule and the time crunch of after school activities, it’s one of the most stressful times of the day for me. I’d rather do the dishes!

Response 13: I abhor food shopping and not a fan of cooking dinner after work:)

Response 14: I’ve had my groceries delivered since my second was born and never looked back!‪

Response 15: I order my groceries and pick it up. It’s $10 well spent. I end up spending less since I don’t impulse buy. Love it!

Response 16:

I agree with food shopping. Here’s my issue:

‪Put stuff in cart

‪Take stuff out of cart

‪Put stuff on conveyor belt

‪Put same stuff in bags

‪Put back in cart

‪Take out of cart put in car

‪Take out of car

‪Bring in house

‪Unpack everything

‪Put everything away

‪How is this ok or enjoyable for anyone?! It makes no sense!

‪Online shopping is just as annoying and you have to find the time to do it so torture of shopping continues….THANKFULLY WE’RE ALL HEALTHY ENOUGH TO FOOD SHOP!

‪My positive side just popped in for a visit!

Damn! Mic Drop!

I hope you enjoyed our chore confessional. These conversations are important. These truths should be shared. It is as hard has HELL to be a woman wearing so many hats. The chore hat is not a cute one but we get it done. Fitness is important. However, working out takes up an (for argument’s sake) hour of our day. Being Fabulous and Fit is a 24/7 commitment to life. If any mama is judging how we cope with our 24/7 Fab and Fit commitment, she is full of it: Full of unfinished chores!







6 thoughts on “FFM Chore Confessions

  1. Grocery shopping is definitely the worst. Too many people, cumbersome shopping carts in small spaces, so much choice on the aisles that it’s overwhelming. Why do I need 25 varieties of rice to choose from???

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