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Muscle Head Mama Mashed Soup

My brain is Muscle Head Mama Mashed Soup. This week’s Fabulous and Fit Mama’s blog is a mashed up version of this week’s events. A single topic did not flow together. Enjoy a huge ladle of soup. I hope you don’t choke! There is a lot of stuff in the pot!

“Shut up and Start Talking!” Yes, that was my original idea for a blog post this week. The Fabulous and Fit Mamas have been cricketing (silent) lately. It’s difficult to participate in the group when there is so much noise going on in our own lives. I am not sure if it is the cocoon of winter that is quieting the page. It’s hard to get motivated when the gray chill of winter hangs on us like a weighted vest. I decided it isn’t nice to tell people to “Shut up” to get them to talk. Truthfully, based on the voices of stress in my head, I should follow my own advice.

Another idea was to blog  about International Woman’s Day. I like the concept. I am all for women bonding and standing up for each other. Sadly, I do not think the rest of the world got the memo. Twice this week a man made a comment to me about my workout.

The first time a man told me my squatting form was great. Would you have told me that if I were guy? No. Another man told me that 10 pull-ups are good for a girl. Really? Thanks. I am so glad that I get your approval. I know I am a badass. Thank you. I am too annoyed to even blog about it.

Then I found some Soul Food to add to the mashed soup. Earlier today I posted this picture on the Fabulous and Fit Mama Facebook page.


Here is the post:

It’s 5:00 pm somewhere. That’s not exactly the point of this post. Besides carbs, proteins, and veggies, do not forget your Soul Food: pizza, wine, chocolate, etc. Nourishing your soul is very important. No, I am not talking about binges. I am talking about enjoying without guilt. A spoonful of Soul Food helps the veggies go down! What is your Soul Food? Be soul proud.

I finally read thoughts that were not my own!


Peanut Butter

Chocolate anything

Only dark chocolate

Tall glass of Cabernet

Give me a carb..any carb!

That made me smile. The honesty of this group is wonderful. It comes in waves. It’s nice to know that some of the things I post are notable. I think my Muscle Head Mama Mashed Soup Brain is looking for some nourishment. I think we all do better when we are fortified with purpose. That’s a whole a whole different meal conversation. I guess soup is good for the Fabulous and Fit soul.





8 thoughts on “Muscle Head Mama Mashed Soup

  1. Hi Michelle Your kale cupcakes were , ummmm, yummy!
    I have mashed soup brain ALL the time! Thanks for letting me know what it’s called!!
    Here from Janice’s St Pat’s DAy Meet and Greet.
    I liked this post. Honesty is always the best policy! Except to when it comes time to confess what I ate. Then I lie like a dog!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Every weekend we eat what we want at my house and that can be anything from fried chicken to McDs. I do want to say this post has inspired me to continue with an idea that I’d had for this next week of Women’s History Month…insensitive comments that men have made to me over the past 30 years…yep, think I’ll do that.

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