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Thank You 101

IMG_2860Thank you. Thank you for reading my words. Thank you for liking. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for welcoming me into the blogging community. Thank you for letting me read about your lives.

I am not a laid back person. I am an anxiety-ridden-crazy-train. Everything is a plan. My life revolves around my family’s and diabetes’s schedule. My workouts are meticulously scheduled. Am I working on conditioning today? Legs? Upper body? Cardio? Meal timing? How many egg whites do I need?

Should I do laundry now? Should I wait after her nap? Is today gymnastics or dance?

I will vacuum the rug before he comes home from work?

I, the family Disney planner, plans a trip to Disney World to the last second.

Get the scheduled picture?

My Fab and Fit Mama blogging journey is my first organic adventure.   It started with a few texts with a friend. “Do you want to do this race?” Next, the Facebook page was born. Twitter and Instagram followed. Check out our story on our static page!

Then a voice from a dark corner croaked, “How about a blog?”

Many years ago I put my writer self in the corner. There was no room for her anymore. She wasn’t enough. I crammed her away with all my other hopes and dreams.

“Wait!”, she yelled, “Nobody puts your voice in the corner!” Yeah, I just referenced That Movie!

Then a public Facebook page was created.

As the Fabulous and Fit Mamas grows, my story unfolds. I am not sure where we are going as a group, or where I am going as a blogger. All I know is I love it. I am just going.

Thank you for going with me. I am going with you my fellow bloggers and readers. Thank you for joining me on this unscheduled, Fabulous, Fit, unplanned ride. Stay tuned for another organic adventure.

Oh, yeah. My name is not Coach or Brookziegirl 1. It’s Michelle. Nice to meet you!


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