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The Qualities of a 24/7 Badass



That’s so Badass!

The term badass gets thrown around a lot. Badass Strength, Badass Workout, Badass Mama. I see many pictures of Badasses on social media: lifting, posing, competing, moming. All of that is fantastic. Badass moments are inspirational. I am talking about a breed of badass that extends beyond the moment. After the badass moment is over, how do we conduct ourselves?

In a world that is so fast-paced, self-absorbed, attempting-to-be-visually-perfect, we forget about the qualities of a 24/7 badass.

The Qualities of a 24/7 Badass

A badass apologizes when she is wrong. A badass asks for help. A badass does not whine. A badass does not hide behind her smile. A badass does not hide. She holds her head up high around her haters.  A badass is OK with Pinterest fails. She posts them all the same. A badass forgives. A badass does not forget. A badass does not let it happen again.

A badass fails. A badass learns. A badass knows when to move on.

A badass is not perfect. A badass does not try to be perfect. Her imperfections are hers and she owns them. Most of the time. A badass has weak moments. A badass has tantrums. But, a badass tries to figure out why. A badass uses stress as a sign. A badass does not use stress as an excuse to lash out.

A badass does not have “the perfect body”.   What is that anyway? A badass does not desire to look like Jennifer Aniston. A badass wants to look like herself. A badass does not talk about going to the gym. She goes to the gym. (Any workout space is a gym)

A badass does not need social media cheerleaders. She may have many of them because, well, she is a badass. But,  A badass does not “need” anyone to tell her she is working hard.

A badass is not interested in a quick fix. A badass prefers a lifestyle of hard work.

A badass cares about people. A badass asks how her friends are doing. A badass listens. A badass does not get involved in gossip. A badass walks away. A badass reads a book instead. A magazine. A blog. Whatever. A badass does not find entertainment in others.  A badass celebrates the stories of others.

A badass responds.

A badass does not make excuses. She does or she doesn’t.

A badass is not imprisoned by every “What if?”

Bad things happen to badasses.  A badass may get knocked down. She may feel sorry for herself. It’s temporary. Badasses fight back. Badasses move forward.

A badass appreciates the “small things”: children sleeping, silence, Fridays, family time, pizza and wine.

A badass Gets it Done.

Am I a badass? No. I am a “Badass in progress”.  I am badass enough to admit it.

Are you a badass?

Have Fabulous and Fit Badass Day


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