The Scales Don’t Move

This is a very powerful post about fitness journeys. I applaud those who vocalize their struggles because it is not easy. Nobody’s story is the same. The numbers on the scale reveal only the numbers, not the numbers that count, and certainly not the athlete’s soul. Anyone who is fighting to live her healthiest life is an athlete. Just because she doesn’t post it on Facebook does not make it any less of a victorious journey.

Seeking a Life Full of Laughter


I have been a witness to some people’s journeys with weight loss and fitness through their blogs, Facebook, and in person. All of them have good intentions, plans for weight loss, and overall goals for fitness. Some have provided detailed written and/or visual accounts of their weight loss and fitness journeys.

Some have frustrated me. And other times, upset me.

The saying “walk a mile in someone’s shoes” is a way to remind ourselves not to judge others until we have experienced the same situation. However, weight loss and fitness is not a one-size-fits-all approach, nor is the journey itself. What works for some, is unsuccessful for others. For some the journey is easy and over quickly, for some it takes years on a bumpy, uncertain path.

I applaud everyone who has serious motivation for being healthy. As I have said before in my blog entry, Fitness Is Not A…

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