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Soul Detox

This post is inspired by a comment I made on a a brave and wonderful blog post  Debbie Downer is here

Thank you Deb for the inspiration.  I am so glad we connected.

Anxiety Hangover: a sludgy, oily darkness spreading through my thoughts. When I over-imbibe on negative thoughts it’s a sign that I am experiencing anxiety hangover, and I need a Soul Detox. It’s the best kind of detox because I can still eat pizza.

Yesterday, I woke up with an anxiety hangover, no alcohol or any fun involved. Insecurities and fears must have been churned up while I slept. Instead of vomiting out the poison, like a traditional hangover, the toxicity swirled in my head all day.

I love being a wife and mama. I am proud of my Fabulous and Fit Mama Couture: UGG slippers, workout sneakers, drop off and pick up sneakers, and the occasional boot. It surprises me how much I enjoy it. Still, I have these worries that tug at my yoga pants like a thousand miniature toddlers. I loose my focus and give in to their whining needs. Bad idea? At the time…Yes! Now I am not so sure.

My whole life has changed between two kids and battling Type 1 diabetes. Yes, it has made me a better person. I am living life, appreciating life. All of this change changed me more than  I realize. All of the sudden I am not sure what I want to do anymore. I panic about what career path I want to take. I feel like a flake. The things I thought I wanted to do now give me anxiety. Before I was a trainer who kept to herself. Now, I am the coach of a Fabulous and Fit group of women. I am all over social media. What? Since when did I become a big mouth? Since when did I start speaking? Maybe I won’t be good at this either. Teaching. Training. Blogging. Can something please stick instead of becoming a disaster? I had my skull cradled in hands, eyes clamped shut, head shaking “Take me away Calgon” moment! Did I just date myself? I thought about lacing up a pair of my Mama Couture sneakers and running from my scary-lady-self!

When I feel myself in the throws of an anxiety hangover, my body is telling me I need to spiritually purge whatever is annoying the heck out of me. A soul detox. The ingredients are different for everyone. Here is my recipe: acknowledge it, nourish it, and heal it. I acknowledged it all day. I nourished it by talking with friends and family. I healed it by moving on with my day.

Today is better.  Just like a regular hangover with water and Advil: move on until you are spiritually rehydrated. After we detox our soul we get rid of our anxiety, and replace it with soul fortifying lifelines: kindness, mindfulness, and maybe even a lucky break to give us that healing time.

Acknowledge the miniature toddlers of darkness. They know something has to change for you. The only way to detox your soul is to purge your anxiety triggers. Sometimes being Fabulous and Fit is not glamorous. With my soul detoxed, it is time to put on my Mama Couture shoes and keep going. I have no idea where. At least my soul is detoxed…for now.


Fab and Fit Mama Shoe Couture



14 thoughts on “Soul Detox

  1. Anxiety hangover and soul detox are terms I enjoyed hearing more about. Did you coin both terms or are they used by others? They sounded original to me. I know we all doubt ourselves and our decisions at times, but I believe you have a great purpose and an important one too!

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  2. This is an inspiring post. I like the idea of soul and anxiety detox. Sometimes, we have no idea where our steps will end up taking us to, but we put them one after the other. I saw your link at the meet and greet and followed you home for a cup of tea. Regards, Jacqueline

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  3. I like how you describe and deal with anxiety. Acknowledging anxiety rather than trying to deny it or “shake it off” just pushes it further down into our psyche where it festers. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Lori

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  4. Love the running shoes. I believe you are right when you say that part of battling anxiety is to acknowledge, embrace, and to keep moving forward. I have been working hard in yoga on letting those anxieties/worries/fears go while acknowledging their effect on my life and my journey.

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