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Workout Love, Hate, No Silence Etiquette


Last week we had a huge break through. The Fabulous and Fit Mamas exercised (pun intended) their boldness. Many spoke about how they really felt about exercise the difficulty to get it done.  It is cathartic to open up about an issue that we are afraid to talk about. Once we vent, our minds are clear. It clears a path for us to make changes in our lives. Raw honesty is what separates us from a Facebook, perverse utopia. I do not want the Fabulous and Fit Mamas to be uncomfortable sharing because they fear the painful, posting, judgmental noise, similar to Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron”.

This week’s blog is for the Fabulous and Fit Mama Exercise Enthusiast. The Coffee-IV- driven-woman who has her workout clothes laid out, post workout meal prepared, and work out planned. She gets in her car, walks our her front door, or travels down the basement steps. Completes a workout that freaks out some of the old guys at the gym, or her husband working out in the basement. She is happy and accomplished at the end. She is already planning her next workout. Is that me? Yup. Are their Fab and Fit Mamas like me in our group? Yup. They could kick my ass with weights, running, CrossFit, Karate, CKO; you name it!

As the coach of the Fabulous and Fit Mamas, I do not feel that it is appropriate to document every workout I do, or take pictures of myself working out (if I do, they are not flattering). I encourage members to do that because my “product” is learning about other women’s fitness goals and roadblocks. Blasting about myself creates more noise than a supportive, listening environment. However, I would be remiss if I did share a deeper reason for my lack of sharing. In fact, it makes me a hypocrite because I am always encouraging the mamas to feel comfortable sharing.

As a trainer, I listen to many reasons, theories, and dissertations about why people don’t exercise. As an exercise enthusiast, I have been yelled at, mocked, ostracized  because of my lifestyle. So, I just stopped talking. Ironically, fast-forward five years, I am involved in many social media platforms and I won’t shut up! I realized that anyone who enjoys bringing others down embodies my Idiot Theory (See FFM meets WOD). I have moved on but I am not blind to the cycle: some feel guilty for not exercising; therefore, others are silenced because of their passion for exercise.

Fitness enthusiasts are not always portrayed in a positive light. I will never forget a Designing Women rerun  I watched many years ago on Lifetime, way before my beloved Bravo. Dixie Carter’s character decided to take up running. Her regimented character turned into a flake. She epically failed  at balancing working and exercising.  I felt my cheeks burning with anger at this portrayal of fit women. Fitness enthusiasts are some of the most organized and balanced people I know. Some of the best study techniques I learned were from the members of my college cross country team. Those girls were focused and could run circles around me. Literally! Some of the mamas I know who  exercise religiously are so accomplished: they work, they are on committees, they are volunteers, they are amazing cooks, they are exhausting! Do I see myself as this type of woman? No. I am a work in progress. I am learning from them.

The goal I have for the Fabulous and Fit Mamas is to learn from each other. No. A mama is not bragging if she ran a half marathon. No. A mama is not a failure if she hates exercise. Both are equally honest and motivating because these mamas are unapologetically sharing who they are. No more silence etiquette. Please share your workouts. Please share your rep ranges, miles, and burpee count. Vent about your tough days when all you wanted was a donut and ate four. Let’s get fabulously-fit-down-and-dirty. I will too, only if you want me too. I am still the coach, my job is to listen and cheer you on, donuts, burpees, and all.




8 thoughts on “Workout Love, Hate, No Silence Etiquette

  1. I love this! Everyday is a new day with new challenges. Some days I eat clean and workout hard. Somedays I eat chocolate in vast quantities and still workout just as hard. And somedays I snuggle my babies because they need me as much as I need them ❤️ Life is all about balance and I have yet to find it 😂 I swear I am getting closer 😉

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    1. Thank you for your candid comment. Honesty is such a beautiful thing. It’s about time we start vocalizing how hard it is to balance fitness in our life. Snuggling with my babies takes top priority for me too. We just have to keep going on our terms.

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  2. This is very encouraging. Over and over, I learn that we need support in life. “Exercise” is such a loaded word these days, as is “nutrition.” So many expectations, shame triggers–each unique to oneself, and often also shared. When someone expresses empathy for my sharing, or vice versa, we synergistically both find our courage to continue on the path. We are both stronger for it.
    Thank you for leading this group in support of one another, and best wishes to you all!

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  3. Wonderful article. I just recently came to fitness world as professional, Fitness Nutritionist. Before that fitness was just my lifestyle. I’ve been running since I was 15 years old. Also, I’ve been doing workouts at home for years. Now, more than twenty years later, I learn to see fitness world with different eyes, eyes of a fitness beginner.
    I can relate to you by listening to different theories why people don’t exercise. It’s been a challenge to affect people’s beliefs in positive way. What I’ve noticed from my own experience, client’s do get better results if they meet with me more often. Not just once a week or every other week but few days a week. By spending more time together, client has a constant reminder, constant support and motivation. We can discuss more topics, answer more question and, yes, laugh together.
    Oh, and social media is a wonderful boost to client’s motivation as well. If a person just feels good about her workout that is done or if she is proud about her new personal record, of course, she wants to share it. In case her shared post gets likes or replies, it is a double pleasure for a client. At the same time, her posts are great motivation for others. If the day was tough, no workout was done, sharing is also beneficial. A client might get the support she needed so much.
    I would love to see more fitness posts from you. Please do.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I agree with you that we need to give our clients motivational reminders. Hopefully, they “see” them and apply them. I am so glad we connected. I am looking forward to reading more from you as well! Nutrition is so important!

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