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Calling all Fabulous and Fit Bloggers

The snow is unrelenting this weekend. Curling up on the coach with hot chocolate and popcorn while watching a movie is a wonderful idea. Wait! Before you put the marshmallows in your hot chocolate,  please share some healthy advice for a snow day. Do you have a  home workout routine you enjoy? How about an almond milk hot chocolate recipe? Do you exercise your mind by reading a book? Do you mediate while the snow falls outside your picture window? Please share how you Get it Done when the weather keeps us inside.

Please leave  your fabulous, fit snow day tip, blog link , reblog, and share!  I also have a closed Facebook Page. I will post the links and bloggers who share on my page. The Fabulous and Fit Mamas will enjoy reading your advice. Your hot chocolate will taste even sweeter.

Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Calling all Fabulous and Fit Bloggers

  1. Great idea! I do an almond milk hot cocoa, I don’t really have the amounts I just kinda add ingredients to taste: almond milk (about 6-8oz), unsweetened cocoa powder (about a tbs), a bit of maple syrup if I have it, if not I use stevia or coconut sugar, and a dash of cinnamon. Some people put a dash of vanilla extract also. If you’re not feeling the healthy vibes, add whip or marshmallows or even crushed peppermint candies 😊 I have a few home workouts on my page under the “fitness tab” also!


  2. I am a New Englander through and through, and I prefer iced drinks (year round iced coffee drinker here!) over hot ones, so I love to make healthy Frozen Hot Chocolate –
    1 Scoop Chocolate Shakeology
    1 1/2 cups cold milk, I prefer whole for the texture.
    3 cups ice
    1/2 cup cold heavy or whipping cream

    Whisk milk and Shakeology. Beat cream until soft peaks form. In a blender, combine ice and Chocolate Shakeology mixture, and blend until you get your desired smoothness. Enjoy!

    I also always help my husband with shoveling, and I always drink plenty of water to keep myself hydrated. I always make sure to get my workout in regardless of snow, because I workout at home or use Beachbody on Demand wherever I am.

    Plus, snowball fights burn a lot of calories! 🙂

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