Fitness Challenge

Defining The FFM

Our group continues to grow and change. I changed our tagline again to She gets it Done. We are not defined by any fitness fads or rules. We support each other, get our sweat on, and get it DONE!

UnSimply She


Defining the Fabulous Fit Mamas

The growth of the FFM’s is a shock to me. It is one of those unexpected things in my life. In fact, I was thinking about hanging up my trainer shoes for good before the FFM journey began. However, that is a raw story for another blog. In between my daily posting, I am observing. The group’s Facebook dynamics are interesting. Similar to our different approaches to exercise, our responses vary to posts on the Fabulous Fit Mama page: some liking, some commenting, and many reading.

The  FFM is evolving.

Up until a week ago our tagline was “Moms bonding through fitness while having fun.” Well, that’s not really true. Yes, many of us are moms but the group is about getting through, being accountable, and feeling the 5:30 am camaraderie. Sometimes exercise is not fun. Sometimes it sucks. Finishing is the cure.

Exercise and…

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