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Kicks? Flips? Or Flips and Kicks?


Margaritas, white beaches, sun, no schlepping kids to activities, no making lunches: No Mama Rat Race! Sounds like the perfect recipe for paradise. Notice how margaritas are the first ingredient?

Fab and Fit Mamas may want to add in an optional ingredient to the vacation mix: exercise. Here is the sunblock rub: Once exercise is added to the vacation mix, the stress echoes from home begin to whisper in our ears: finding the time, who is watching the kids, sacrificing family time, rushing from activity to activity, only to squeeze in a few squats while your toddler’s bath is running. Where is the vacation in that?

I just returned from vacation. I did work out in hotel room while my baby napped. I was drained from the sun.  (During water breaks I fantasized about reading a Jennifer Weiner in the air-conditioned hotel room, surrounded by the picture palm tree windows) I did a sufficient circuit on the first day of our trip. I posted my  workout view and workout on our Facebook Page and Instagram. I needed to stretch out my body after a long day of travel. I then decided afternoon workouts were not going to be a staple on my vacation. I had to choose to not exercise, or choose a better time for me that did not disrupt my family.

IMG_2306We all have choices. We have to decide what is most important for our vacation sanity and we have to stick to it. Here are three possible choices for vacation exercise:

  1. If you decide not to exercise that’s fine. A week of rest does wonders for the body, especially if you are working out hard at home. Muscles need time to recover. A planned week off here and there may be a good thing. You will come home refreshed and in Beast Mode when you put your kicks on again. I planned to do that this year but I will explain later. A word of caution: Do not come home and complain about how much weight you gained and/or how much you ate while staying in paradise. Nobody cares. Stop being annoying. Please refer back to my previous blog post “Eat! But, do not be That Girl”. You made the choice to rest for the week. Enjoy it. Find some other things to do in paradise during your workout time, reading, and walks on the beach, playing with your kids without tech involved. Have a glass of wine during your usual cardio session (It’s 5:00 pm somewhere!) Just please do not complain. You just wasted a precious week. Thanks for being “That Girl” who complained about drinking too many margaritas!
  2. Switch to Vacation Mode on Vacation. Just like the Holiday Sprint vacation is not about following our rigid workout patterns. For me, vacation exercise is about shaking things up. I did not want to spend every morning in a hotel gym while I could run on the beach before the heat and the palapa crowds infested the beach. Instead of a time for gains and challenges, I changed it to a more meditative/ get it done quick approach. I found an athletic park with monkey bars at the end of the running path. Sometimes when you let go of being “exercise rigid” (which I am), vacation exercise offers new opportunities. I did use the hotel gym twice: I got in and out: mostly bodyweight moves (3 sets) followed by sprints on the treadmill 10-20 min: Done in 35 minutes total.
  3. You know what you need to do. I struggle with getting my ass moving in the morning. I also know the morning is my only time to exercise if I want to be at my best, and do my best for my family, on vacation or surfing the mama grind. It’s something I have been working on. In a perfect world, three cups of coffee and posting on The Fabulous Fit Fanwood/Scotch Plains Mamas is ideal for me to get my motor going. I can’t always do that. Certainly not while traveling with my family. So, I sucked it up and got out of bed. I was at the gym or running before 8:00 am (at home it is 5:00 am so I welcomed the break). Got back and showered. Some family members were still asleep and I did not miss out on any fun, or take away from theirs. I knew I could not take the week off without feeling anxious by Wednesday. My body needs to move. Exercise is my therapy. I know that about myself. I also know if I want my therapy, I have to plan around my family so they do not need therapy! Members of my family claim to be “allergic to sweat”.  I respect that. They never scoff at me for thinking pull-ups are fun on vacation. Overindulging on exercises time is not worth messing with family relationships. Finding the right time and getting it done is worth it for everyone.

Finding the right time to exercise is not easy in paradise or in the trenches of the daily grind. Not Exercising, Balancing Exercise, and Enjoying Exercise are all choices we make at home. Our exercise practices at home get packed with the rest of our emotional baggage. Like everything else, we have to deal with our fitness baggage and make the best decisions for our families. Our choices set the tone for our family’s happiness, even in a Fabulous and Fit Paradise.

If you need some quick vacation workouts, please message me! I will help you get it done. Check out our Fab and Fit Directory for details.









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