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Mama Holiday Crazy Popcorn


Every holiday season Fab and Fit Mamas are pushed to their limits. Do I have any idea how to make the Holiday Sprint easier? No. Not at all. As I type I am exhausted and my back is tight with stress. Sound familiar? How about the holiday shopping bags under your eyes? Yeah, not cute.

This week is the final week of the 60 Minute Minimum Challenge. We are dropping like flies! I compare my workout pace to a Walker from The Walking Dead. Between the colds, stress and exhaustion, I hope we can put some minutes up on Wednesday. I am not really concerned with the total. I am most happy with the honesty of our members. Some members started working again, or moved into a new home, and many are drowning in holiday preparations. Other Members shared about not feeling well, or being so overwhelmed with work obligations, coupled with holiday tasks. Our minutes will be diminished by the holiday crazy!  I am thrilled! Yes! Thrilled.

The Fabulous and Fit Mamas is not a competitive group that is “hard core” or “intimidating.” Still, I understand it is scary to share sometimes. We are still a fitness group and the words “fitness” and “exercise” can make a mama clam up because she has not worked out in a week, or she indulged. Whatever. The Fabulous and Fit Mamas want to hear those things. On the other side of the dumbbell, if a mama is killing it in the gym, running PRs, and keeping up with her workouts, we want to hear that too. It is ridiculous for a mama to be embarrassed to share because she is an exercise beast!

All types of mamas motivate when they share about their victories and frustrations.  With all of the sexy selfies and the labyrinth of fitness programs, it’s nice to tune out the noise mix up a seasonal cocktail of truth and a little bit of crazy: Mama Holiday Crazy!

Speaking of Mama Holiday Crazy, what inspired me to write this post this week is Popcorn.   Earlier this week  I was snack mom for my daughter’s Daisy Troop. I love being snack mom.  I am a crazy snack mom. With my husbands help, we spent some of Sunday afternoon making no bake s’mores and organizing the contents of the little snack bags. It was time to make the popcorn. Between the baby hugging my legs, me being tired, and thinking about what I was going to do next, I burnt the popcorn. Crap!

My husband suggested we stop at the s’mores. I acquiesced. He was right. I messaged a troop leader about my popcorn fail. But, I did not feel good my choice. I wanted to follow my plan through. Fast forward to Monday morning. Family gone. Baby napping. I attempted the popcorn again. Instead of burnt popcorn, I made movie theater style popcorn. I opened up the sealed bags and put in the snowflake popcorn bags. I didn’t stop there. I did not like the bag stickers because they kept coming off. I put ribbons on instead. Obsessive? Maybe. Psycho, like my husband called me. Yep.IMG_2080

The point is that is my crazy. I am OK with that. I know what my limits are. No one (no matter how kind his or her intentions may be) can set them for me. Would I ever stop working out because it was hard? No. Why is this different? However, did  I celebrate with a sweat session after my snack back victory? No! I had to move on with my day. I reached my limit. Tomorrow was a new day. Just like we have patterns, we have limits.

Mamas think about this: How can we move on to 2016, armed with resolutions if we don’t know and own our every move?

For 2016 I want to hear about your Daily Mama Crazy. Yes, talking about workouts is fun. But, our daily lives are the route of everything.   You don’t want to talk about working out? Fine. Let’s talk about our Mama Crazy Days. The fitness will follow. The exercise will get done, eventually. If you ARE rocking it in the gym, trails, box, home gym, sidewalk, unabashedly share it, motivate. We will figure out how to balance the crazy and exercise consistency. No more crickets. Let’s be real and get it done.

Happy Holidays and a Fabulous and Fit New Year!

Happy Holidays from the Fabulous and Fit Mamas!



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