Fitness Challenge

What’s Your Pattern?

FullSizeRenderIt is the third week of the 60 Minute Minimum Challenge. In last week’s blog I wrote nothing is superficial about exercise.  What motivates one woman to glisten in post-workout-glow is no different from another woman who shakes with don’t-judge-me-fear once she steps foot in a gym. The root of these seemingly polar opposites makes these women kindred sweat sprits: Patterns. We all follow them. They make us or break us in relationships, work, arguments, and of course, exercise.

What does this have to do with the 60 Minute Minimum Challenge? Everything. The challenge is designed to push us to exercise during the busiest time of year. Many have been excited about the challenge. Yes, I hope after the challenge ends next week the participants are proud of staying committed. Also, I hope the mamas learn something about themselves. Did any patterns emerge? Did a mama go full force the first week and struggle the second? Did a mama want to try the challenge but chose not to because of the fear of comparisons? Did some mamas break through patterns and just enjoy the process?

I will be the first to call myself out on patterns. My therapy is exercise. Shocker! I ran through the dreaded high school years. I discovered weight training while stressing in college. Working out was my savior during my teaching years.

That is a healthy outlet, however, exercise turned into my only outlet. Once my daughter turned two, I got my personal training license, worked in a gym, trained privately, trained for a fitness competition, and just worked out. That was my life for about two years. Was it just because I loved working out so much? Not really. After a lot of soul searching, I realized that I removed myself from negative situations and turned to exercise.  Removing myself turned into isolation. My right-hand-muscle, Rachel and my JCC family can attest to that. I spoke to no one the first year my daughter was in school here. I worked out in the mornings, trained, picked up my daughter, and napped while she napped. Repeat.

The thing about patterns is once they are completed they start all over again. They are emotionally and physically exhausting, which is why we give up, or start back at the dreaded Square One! I was done with that. I realized that it just was not fair for everyone else to do what he or she wanted and I couldn’t. That’s bullsh*t! It took a lot of time. I broke out in a lot of hives in social situations. I got there. I made amazing friends and the FFM is my biggest surprise.

Three years ago if you told me I would have a blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google + accounts,  I would have laughed in your face. It takes a long time to break patterns. For me, it all started with an invitation to a BBQ. I realized I had to put myself out there or the pattern would begin again. The people in my life accept that I think squats are fun and kale is tasty. However, they also know I make a mean cookie, and I love drinks with the ladies.

Do we every truly break our patterns? Not completely. I will never be the life of the party. But, I am always grateful for the invitation, and I am excited to attend.

I want all of you Fabulous and Fit Mamas to give yourself the holiday gift of discovering your patterns. I am not telling you to break a pattern, or how you should. Just own it, change it, or leave it. Before the 2016 resolutions begin, figure out what may stop you from being your most Fab and Fit Self. Do it now before your pattern starts again, and you start planning your 2017 resolutions because you are starting (again) at Square One.

Also, be mindful of the mama at the squat rack. She may be a boss at the gym, but she may be looking for other fellow Fabulous and Fit Mamas to commiserate with over a glass (or three) of wine.

She gets it done.




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