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FFM meets WOD


At the start of the FFM’s second week of the 60 Minute Minimum Challenge, Golden Phoenix CrossFit, located in Mountainside, New Jersey, opened its warehouse doors to the FFM for the most efficient-minute-earning-experience: WOD.

The owners of the Golden Phoenix CrossFit franchise, Bridget O’Rourke and Jacqueline Murphy, created an atmosphere that welcomes all Fabulous and Fit Mamas. Some members of the FFM are devoted, CrossFit athletes. We had the opportunity to experience their impressive workout style.

Before I explain why Golden Phoenix CrossFit is empowering for mamas, I need to address that the media represents CrossFit as a workout for the super athlete, and not for mamas whose WOD is fitting in all of life’s never-ending responsibilities. After a long day of not feeling so sexy, we see a commercial for the CrossFit games, and/or glare at CrossFit models in our fitness magazines in all their Kipping-Pull-up-muscled-glory and think, “No. Not me.”

I learned about CrossFit from a 2010 Muscle and Fitness Hers article. Adela Garcia, an iconic fitness competitor, reviewed a CrossFit franchise. Her review was positive about the workout and the attitude of the CrossFit members. I loved the article and thought, “Some day when I am in better shape I will try it. I am no Adela Garcia.” I too got caught up in the unattainable celebrity of CrossFit. Fast forward five years, two kids later, an autoimmune disease, and the Fabulous and Fit Mamas, nothing scares me anymore.

O’Rourke defines the glossiness of CrossFit as the 1%. She is right. Let’s think of it another way: Does every woman on the beach look like a Victoria Secret Model?

We know that is absurd. However, we still get hives during bikini season because of all emotions that are wrapped up in a piece of nylon!

Nothing is superficial about why or why we do not exercise. CrossFit is loaded with emotions. WOD’s are more than burpees. It’s about blocking out the noise and the apprehension to get those burpees done.

Here are six reasons to try CrossFit for the 99% of Fab and Fit Mamas out there to  confidently enter Golden Phoenix’s warehouse doors.

  1. They all start somewhere.

The coaches were very candid about their humble CrossFit beginnings. Some started the big lifts with broomsticks. The coaches understand that CrossFit is a journey. They are open about their own journeys. Nobody was asked to box jump 30” or lift unnecessary weight. The goal was comfort and form. Not competition

  1. Be your own advocate.

Everyone has her limits and limitations. I do not perform any traditional abdominal moves because of my Diastasis Recti (muscle tissues in my abs spreading from pregnancy) The WOD called for sit-ups. I spoke up. Ball Slams were my modification. Stress relieving and safe! A great coach will know how to modify and make you feel like a part of the group.

  1. Idiot Theory.

Do not be haunted by gym class nightmares. You were picked last for a team. You were called out for your spastic skills. Why let some idiot, who you have not spoken to in twenty years, who you denied a friend request from on Facebook, dictate what exercise you do now? Don’t be an idiot! Lose yourself in the rhythm of thrusters and ring rows. Only listen to the voice of your coach telling you how fabulous you are.

  1. Apprehension is healthy.

Being too comfortable is dangerous during exercise. Ask questions. Stay focused. Watch your form. The coaches want you to succeed. Let your concerns be known. We were all given visual cues and tips to help us stay on task. The coaches identified all questions and concerns about form and the routine. It made all the difference when the clock started.

  1. Use your brain.

Show up to the box. Be accountable. Never look for a diet, gym, or program to be your savior. Use your grit. Get it done. Golden Phoenix CrossFit will cheer along the way. Just get your ass out of bed.

  1. Get the media images of your mind.

Women with full lives do CrossFit. After the workout they get into our cars and drive back to their lives. She may be hang cleaning like a  beast in the box, but she has responsibilities, a career, family, etc. Not a team of stylists or nutritionists following her.  Nothing is sexier than that.

CrossFit is worth trying if you are armed with knowledge about what works for your Fab and Fit Self. Yes. You will work hard. You will earn every sweat-soaked minute of the WOD. Golden Phoenix understands the FFM philosophy of getting it done in a Fabulous and Fit ball slamming, thrusting, ring rowing way.


She gets it done!



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