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60 Minute Minimum Challenge

60 Min Min

Jumping Jacks. Squats. Pushups. Burpees. Butt Kicks. High Knees. These exercises are a constant staple in many fitness magazines this time of year. The running theme during the holiday training sprint is accessible-do-anywhere-exercises-in-less-time. The exercises are effective. The expert holiday advice is sound. Still, it is one more thing for us to “fit in” during the holidays. Too many quickie workout options +Too little time= Forget IT!

The Fab and Fit Mamas created a fitness challenge to combat the holiday choke hold on exercise: The 60 Minute Minimum Challenge. It begins on November 27-December 23. Yes, it begins on Black Friday until the day- before-the-kids-are-home-forever-day.


  1. You must get in a Minimum of 60 Minutes of exercise 3-6 days per week.
  • A weekly 60 minute work out, or two 30 minute work out per week does not count.
  • Consistency is key here. You may add your 60 minute and two 30 minute workouts to your overall sweat minutes at the end of the week. The goal is to workout for at least three days a week.
  • For example: Monday: 60 min: Tuesday: 45 min Wednesday: 10 min

You did it! Your goal is to keep exercising even when life gets busy. That is how exercise becomes a habit.


Let’s say you have a crazy week (crazier than normal):

Monday: 20 min Tuesday: 20 min Wednesday: 20 min= 60 Min

The following week is even crazier:

Monday: 20 min Tuesday: 10 min Wednesday: 5 min Thursday: 10 min Friday: 15 min= 60 min

Some of you may rack up many Sweat Minutes! That’s great! You should be proud. Still, the goal here is to get 60 Minutes Minimum for all. We don’t care who worked out for 60 or 600. The only person you should be competing with is yourself.

  1. Every Friday members will submit her Sweat Minutes and Workouts.

Didn’t make your minute quota? There is support. Mamas are creative. Are you reluctant to submit your minutes and workouts? Message me.

  1. Post-It-Note Exercises will be posted on our page every Monday. Post-It-Notes  are what I use to jot down my workouts to get the job done. I have an up-to-date binder of workouts. I use Post-It-Notes to break down work outs and personalize them. These exercises are optional!
  1. Workout Intensity: No, walking Fido around the block does not count. No, chasing after kids does not count.


20 seconds of sprints counts. 60 seconds of walking, 30 seconds running counts. Running up and down stairs for 10 minutes counts. Speed Walking counts. WOD counts. Jumping Jacks and Squats for 15 minutes counts. Get it?

At the end of the challenge you should feel accomplished and in control of the holiday sprint. Yes,  January is supposed to be the time of year to Get Motivated! Get in Shape! That’s all good and fine. How are you supposed to do that when you have not exercised in weeks?

That is why people go balls-to-the-wall and then hit-the-wall by March. This challenge is great because you decide how to reach your 60 Minute Minimum. You have support, but the rest is up to you , and what works for you. Like the magazines tell us, holiday time is probably not the best time for PR’s or setting major fitness goals. However, that does not mean we can’t be Fabulous and Fit on our terms.


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You got this!




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